Conclusions, not just data.

Maple Flavored Solutions, LLC quantifies metabolites to answer biological questions. We have analyzed over a hundred thousand samples in our work with dozens of labs around the world.

Custom Metabolic Analysis

We’ll measure what matters in your samples. As biologists and analytical chemists with decades of experience, we work with you to design an analysis that answers your biological question. Your solution will fit the throughput, turnaround time, and cost you require.

We can help you answer questions like these:

  • How much of your product are your cells making? Answering this question can help you choose the genome edits and growth conditions that will produce product faster and better.
  • What are your cells eating? Do they need more of it? What are they leaving on the table? Answering these questions can help you optimize media formulation to save money and time.
  • What are the cells excreting? Answering this question can help you redesign your process to improve the health of your cells.
  • How is the metabolism of your cells changing? Answering this question can help you identify stresses and pinch points that hold back productivity.

Laboratory Design and Setup

Planning for new instrumentation? Whether you’re contemplating a competitive bid, specifying hardware, or have an instrument on your loading dock, we can help you go from equipment to answers.

We’ve turned empty labs into fully functioning mass spectrometry labs again and again as leaders of an international hands-on course in mass spectrometry. We can do the same for you. Installing an instrument requires that power, gases, exhaust, cooling, and a range of support equipment all need to be in place. We’ll help you make sure every component is ready for the installation.

Already have an instrument, but your analyses aren’t working? Your vendor can make your system work to their specifications, but your system needs to work for your science. Whether you want to adapt a method from the literature, update your existing method, or create something new, we can develop the protocols you need and work hand in hand with your team to run them efficiently and robustly.